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Privacy Policy

General information

The intention of this Privacy Policy is, to inform visitors about the amount and mode of gathering and processing user-specific data by the domain-holder Emig & Partner Immobilien- und Finanzberatung.

The domain-holder is very serious about protecting your privacy and will at all times take greatest care achieve this and abide to current law. As new technologies change the world permanently. You are advised to revisit this privacy policy from time to time and look for changes.

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Access data

The domain-holder will, for legal reasons, save data about the access to the site in so-called server-logfiles. The following data will be recorded:

  • Links followed/sites visited
  • time of access
  • amount of data sent in byte
  • link or source from which the visitor was led to the site
  • browser used
  • operating system used
  • IP-address used

These logfiles will be saved on the server for seven days and will be deleted after that. The logging of data is done solely for the purpose of possible misuse. If the data should be needed in a legal case or during criminal investigations, the files will not be deleted but safely stored until those proceedings have come to an end.

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This website does not make use of so-called cookies.

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Gathering and processing of user-specific data

The domain-holder will only share any data gathered within the legal framework or with your explict consent.

As user-specific data counts any information to identify your person such as your name, your eMail-address or your phone number.

It is possible to visit and use this website without giving any information about your identity. This website will save your access data but will make any information anonymous.

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Handling of contact information

In case you decide to get in touch with us via phone, eMail or other means of communication, and to be able to attend to your request, your contact information will be stored. Any information conveyed by you will not be shared with third parties unless you explicitly consent to it.

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Google Analytics

This website makes no use of Google Analytics.

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Your rights

As a visitor you have the right to request information about any user-specific data the domain-holder has gathered about you. You also have the right to have false information corrected, information deleted and may restrict the way, these informations can be used by the domain-holder. For further information please refer to applicable law.

Please contact the domain-holder via eMail: if you should wish any information about the data gathered or if you wish to have this data deleted or have any requests about how this information can be used. You may withdraw any past permissions.

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Deletion of data

As long as your wish to delete data does not conflict with applicable law, you may request any information about your person to be deleted. This right may be superceded in case of any legal proceedings or criminal investigations, but in this case any information gathered will be simply stored and not be used for any other purposes.

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